About Kansas Roots

Great Plants for Our Great State

Kansas Roots was born out of a desire to pull all of our K-State recommended plant lists together in one, beautiful, searchable, mobile place. Even if you have expertise in one area of plants, it can still be challenging to research and make the best choices in other areas. The K-State print publications are wonderful resources, but can be cumbersome to find, print, study and carry into a retail store in order to compare recommendations with availability. This website solves that problem and enhances learning with additional information regarding integrated pest management. We'll help you know what to plant, where to plant it and how to treat common problems that might arise.

The Kansas Roots project is funded through the United States Department of AgricultureNational Institute of Food and Agriculture, Crop Protection and Pest Management Program. This three-year grant is funding many projects in consumer horticulture, specialty crops, communities and agronomy. Primary Kansas Roots participants are listed to the left.

  • Helping consumers find plants that will thrive in their corner of Kansas.
  • Connecting consumers with garden centers, and garden centers with growers (to buy local when possible).
  • Integrating solutions for pests and environmental issues where consumers can easily find and use the information.

In addition to helping consumers find recommended plants, a secondary goal of Kansas Roots is to connect them with local garden centers for purchasing. Keeping it local is a theme of our work as we also seek to connect those garden centers with local growers via the professional login features. If you are a garden center operator or a grower, please register for the professional side of the site.