Carya ovata

Shagbark Hickory

Carya ovata

Tips for Homeowners:

Other than the collection of leaves and nuts this tree has very low maintenance.

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This is a good multipurpose tree for the home landscape and is also commercially valued for its lumber and nut production.

  • Exfoliating bark
  • A large tree for a large yard
  • Produces delicious edible nuts

This is a very large tree and should be given plenty of room to grow.

Height: 90-100 ft
Spread: 50-70 ft
Zone: 4-8
Color: Yellow

Interesting Notes about Shagbark Hickory:

The Shagbark Hickory is a large tree ideal for the large yard.  It is one of those trees with very few issues because it has no serious insect or disease problems.  It does create considerable litter with leaf and fruit drop and has a tap root which makes it more difficult to transplant.  The nuts are produced from the female flowers and are good for consumption for humans and wildlife.  For nut production it is recommended to grow at least 2 different varieties for cross pollination which is done by the wind.

Characteristics & Attributes


  • Native
  • Low Maintenance
  • Naturalizing
  • Specimen
  • Attractive fruit
  • Edible

Foliage Color:

  • Green
  • Yellow


  • Full Sun

Attracts Wildlife:

  • Attracts Songbirds


  • Upright

Season of Interest (Foliage):

  • Fall

Soil Moisture:

  • Average Water